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A moment to relax... The perfect place to unwind and lose yourself in the stars!

Our Colosseum Suite was inspired by our passion to create stunning spaces, majestic architecture and unique facilities for you to enjoy. It is an iconic and uplifting space in which to escape the stresses of daily life and relax deeply. At the heart of the Suite, is the Balneotherapy pool. With warm, gently moving, extra- oxygenated water, it is a wonderful place to rejuvenate

your body and mind. The bespoke steel seating provides a comfortable resting place to lie back within the soothing water. The water here is drawn from the aquifer beneath us and is infused with nanobubbles of oxygen. These nanobubbles are 250 times smaller than the opening of human pores and together with the benefits of bathing in warm water, they

will leave your body feeling reinvigorated. The charged nanobubbles also create high levels of anions in the surrounding air, which can have a calming effect on the mind. To mark the 30th anniversary of Nirvana Spa, the stars on the Suite’s domed ceiling replicate the night sky on the 30th August 2018. The rim of the dome denotes the horizon and each star within it has been

accurately plotted by our own astronomy enthusiast. Gaze up at the stunning ceiling and find familiar constellations including the Moon, Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune. The majestic setting of our Colosseum Suite demanded beautiful sculptures and artwork to complete the spectacle. Our statues were chosen by the Barley family to create

stunning points of interest. The murals of the Goddesses of the four seasons are the work of internationally acclaimed artist, Janice Sylvia Brock.

Food, glorious food

There is something wonderfully restorative about sitting with friends or loved ones to share a plate of good food and sip from a glass of wine. Nirvana Spa boasts two restaurants and an elegant, year-round garden pergola, each with a relaxed ambiance and stunning pool views. It’s easy to imagine you are on holiday as you dine by the glistening waters.

Our experienced chefs use top quality, locally sourced produce to create innovative new dishes alongside your favourites. With over thirty dishes on our menu, we prioritise good health and great flavours, whilst catering for a wide range of tastes and appetites including vegan and gluten-free. Our delicious stone-baked sourdough pizzas are freshly baked on site using the finest,

Our seasonal selections are bursting with vibrant and delicious dishes

High quality, locally sourced ingredients come to life in the Nirvana Spa kitchen

authentic ingredients. In fact, we think there’s a chance they may ruin all other pizzas for you permanently… With a great selection of indulgent desserts, you can be as wicked or as healthy as you wish! In the summer, our barbecue features exciting fusion combinations which can be enjoyed with a refreshing garden cocktail. Early risers will be delighted to learn that we also serve a varied cooked and light breakfast menu for the perfect leisurely start.

A moment to unwind Discover the magic of Dead Sea floatation

Experience the sensation of floating in either our large Celestial Floatation pool or in one of our four individual floatation pools. In the Celestial pool, lie back and gaze up at the sparkling starlit sky. Your body will float freely giving you a feeling of complete weightlessness. As the gentle current moves your body through the water, you will drift

into a state of deep relaxation. In the individual floatation pools, enjoy a moment of total escape, the perfect antidote to a busy day. This unique environment, entirely free of stimuli, is proven to release stress and provide an incredible sense of serenity. These pools can be booked for two so why not share your moment of relaxation with someone

special? The calming and cleansing properties of the Dead Sea salt water will help to relax, revitalise and detox the body. Muscles can relax, and you enter an almost dream-like state. This prompts the body to release more endorphins, the ‘feel good’ chemical. As you float, your blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol

levels will lower. A reduction in ‘stress hormones’ helps you to relax. The warm water is enriched with essential minerals found in Dead Sea salt. People with skin conditions such as psoriasis find bathing in the Dead Sea to be beneficial.

A moment to catch up

The beautiful Roman pool is synonymous with Nirvana Spa. Warm and bright, the room is irresistibly inviting. This is the ideal place for a leisurely catch up with someone special. Unwind on a lounger beneath the palm trees next to the crystal-clear water and imagine you have been swept away to sunny shores! Keep the holiday vibe going with a dip in the Roman pool, the perfect spot

for relaxed swimming in pure waters. And if you really want to spoil yourself, order a coffee and a treat to be brought to your lounger. From lemon drizzle to carrot cake, our delicious selection of cakes is always popular!

Enjoy a slice of cake beside the sparkling waters of the Roman pool

Spa garden Enjoy your spa, alfresco

Our elegant and spacious Spa Garden is much loved all year round, even when the weather is being typically British. Sink down into one of the balmy mini spa pools and forget all your cares as the warm bubbles envelop you. The mini spas are perfectly sized for couples or small groups to relax together. On a clear night the experience is even more special with the stars twinkling overhead. Swimming in the great outdoors is a thrill; in the summer it’s like being on holiday while in the winter months a dip feels virtuous. The heated Garden pool is comfortably warm but depending on the time of year you may need to brave the cold as you disrobe! The garden is beautifully landscaped with an elegant temple, statues and

immaculately maintained beds. Take a moment to lie on a lounger and revive your senses. On a hot summer’s day, this is a popular area with sun worshippers. For a little added luxury, we even serve Pimms to your lounger! Our stunning, contemporary pergola provides a wonderful “indoors meets outdoors” space, the perfect spot to enjoy

a meal, sip a glass of bubbly or relish your morning coffee.

A moment to escape Quiet time...

For those who crave a serene place to escape, our Tepidarium provides the perfect sanctuary. The inspiration for this delightful space came from the Roman Baths and the room is reminiscent of an Italian courtyard. While candles flicker and the calming scent of white tea and thyme gently wafts through the air, the only sound is the soothing flow of water from the centrepiece fountain.

The Tepidarium provides a warm, comfortable space to relax after a treatment, or to doze after lunch. We thoroughly recommend taking time out to lie on the gently warming mosaic stone loungers in this peaceful, candle-lit haven.

Thermal suite Reap the benefits of contrast therapy

Contrast therapy is the combined use of hot and cold treatments which may increase your energy levels and improve your circulation. Start your experience in the salt inhalation steam room; relax and inhale the vapours which may improve your breathing and give a sense of well-being. The next step is a quick dip in the cold plunge pool, not as shocking as it sounds! Then make use of the ice rub station to apply ice to specific injuries, areas of pain or inflammation. Now it’s time to step into the heat of the sauna. The dry heat encourages perspiration, which may help to purge some toxins. After you have achieved a heavy perspiration, revisiting the plunge pool will suddenly seem very appealing!

Surf pool Immerse yourself in healing waters

One of the most popular pools in Nirvana Spa, our 51 jet hydrotherapy pool is the perfect place to chat with a friend while the warm waters work their magic. Heated to a blissful 35 degrees, the water will soothe your body while the invigorating jets massage specific areas. With jets for your feet, hips, back, neck and shoulders, 20 minutes in the Surf pool can be used

to improve many aches, pains and niggles. Discovering the differences between the jets is all part of the fun! For an even more relaxing aqua experience, head to the submerged ceramic bench where the bubbles will gently massage you from top to toe.

A moment to indulge Step into our Crystal Treatment Suite and let the pampering begin

Twenty large treatment rooms open onto a central relaxation area, where a magnificent quartz crystal fills the space with colour changing light. The soft wood interior and serene lighting create a peaceful and soothing ambience. We offer a fabulous range of treatments and our highly trained therapists will tailor your experience to suit your needs and preferences. Our extensive

menu includes facials and body treatments from Germaine de Capuccini, while our purpose- built nail treatment suite offers a selection of Jessica treatments including GELeration. After your treatment, you will be invited to rest on the heated ceramic loungers; with your choice of herbal tea and enjoy a moment of complete tranquillity.

Dead Sea Salt Therapy pool An unparalleled facility Our unique, walk-in floatation pool provides an unrivalled setting for a rehabilitation and assisted exercise. As you float upright, the buoyancy provided by 160 tonnes of salt creates a safe environment for no impact exercise. The Dead Sea Salt Therapy pool is especially beneficial for those suffering from painful joints, sports related injuries or reduced mobility. Floating upright, supported by the warm salt water, you will be able to perform gentle movements with ease, in a relaxing environment. With easier exercise comes quicker recovery, a sense of freedom and the opportunity to regain better levels of fitness. Our Dead Sea Salt Therapy pool can be accessed by a ramp or our special Pool Pod lift and is suitable for those with reduced mobility.

Our fitness coaches are regularly poolside to guide you, suggest exercises and help you get maximum benefit from the pool. We have developed exercise programmes to support your movement and exercise. Each programme has been carefully developed by a specialist Physiotherapist to target your concerns.

Work through our beginner, intermediate and advanced programmes to progress your workouts over time.

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